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THE HIVE COVID-19 Response

Cornwall Council & THE HIVE – COVID-19 Respons

The Hive is a newly formed small Cornwall-focussed charity created to tackle the key issues of food poverty and climate change in the county by using surplus food to feed the thousands of hungry people whose situation has worsened in COVID-19. Importantly, we extend the life of food close to its use-by date in a process inspired by military ration packs. This industrial process is helping to our Carbon footprint - so far by hundreds of tonnes (CO2e). Our long-term aim is to create a Centre of Excellence within Cornwall that has the capacity to produce 30/40 tonnes of nutritious food a month.

We are currently working in partnership with Cornwall Council, the Tevi (Exeter University) growth hub and many other organisations. Over the past 12 weeks (in response to COVID-19) we have produced in excess of 100,000 meals distributed to tens of thousands of people across Cornwall. We are currently funded by the Big Lottery and hope to win important food contracts with Cornwall Council in the future.

The Bloomberg News - Produced a film on the HIVE:-

Here's THE HIVE stats for the past 12 weeks: -

100,000 meals – at a cost of £0.41; meals which were eaten across Cornwall

40 tonnes - of surplus food recovered

10’s of thousand - people and charities supported across Cornwall

C. £95,000 – value of the food saved

350 CO2e tonnes of Carbon footprint saved in Cornwall

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