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Thank you to all the wonderful staff at WILD . You are all truly amazing.

Just some of the feedback I have received from young parents during Covid-19 about the amazing work from WILD. The practical and emotional help given makes such a difference to lives of children and families in Cornwall. Thank you WILD, you are very special people.

“The calls, makes me feel like I’m still a part of something”

“It makes you forget about what’s going on in the world for a minute and my son loves seeing everyone”

“I like that they message you frequently everyday to keep you up to date with new activities to do”
“That they was very supportive understanding and reassuring”

“Still make sure your ok if they don't hear from you”

“that they still put 110% effort into the video calls” “Knowing my worker is there for me when things get tough”
“How they are still keeping in touch and making sure everyone has everything they need"

"Constant contact and making sure me and my child have everything we need"

“I have been reassured and helped thru my hard times and been supported a lot”
"theyre doing an amazing job especially during the circumstances!”

“Trying to keep us all together when we’re apart” “I feel like I can cope with my whole situation alot better after being reasured by my wild helper"

Thank you you are community heros x

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