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Serious Concerns from Residents

I am writing on our own behalf and also on behalf of many of the residents in Hannafore Road as we have a lot of concerns about the proposed project. Our row of Victorian properties are directly above the proposed work area and we would all like reassurances that the vibrations from the project will not damage either our properties , the banks below, or any of the unstable areas along Hannafore Road which have already experienced landslips on several occasions.

We are also very concerned about the noise and air pollution we will suffer for the several years the works will be going on and would request that you do a proper assessment of how this will effect residents living in the vicinity of the proposed works and ensure that these findings are passed on to all residents in the area.

Presumably, the work will need to be done at low tide and we would like additional assurances that it will not be carried out in the evenings, at night or at weekends?

Most of the residents and property owners in our postcode hadn't heard anything about this project and it came as a shock to them, so please could you send information, including photos and pictures of what is proposed, to all residents in the area so they can see exactly what is planned. The proposed barrier will be directly below us and, in addition to our concerns about noise and air pollution, we are worried about it being an ugly eyesore as, from proposals I have seen so far, it looks as if the plan is to put a high concrete wall across the river as a permanent feature.

As most of our neighbours and other Looe residents we have discussed this with were not aware of the project at all, I would also ask that leaflets are sent to each household in Looe with a questionnaire asking for their approval or objections so you can take the opinions of everyone in Looe into account rather than basing your approval figures solely on the minority ofresidents who are aware of the proposals on whose opinions you seem to be basing the application for these proposals. It may well be that the majority will be unhappy at the thought of this project and the loss of what is currently an area of natural beauty and which is treasured by the residents of Looe.

From doing a bit of research, I believe that there are other much less invasive ways of managing tidal surges which would not require a permanent structure, which would be considerably cheaper and which would also mean that the beauty and history of Looe harbour is not destroyed. We feel that not enough is being done to give Looe residents information about the proposed work or about other options which would prevent tidal surge without permanently spoiling the charm and beauty of the harbour area forever.

It is surely only fair to send information to all Looe residents so they can all have their say before forging ahead with plans that the majority seem unaware of and which will change the character and beauty of the harbour area of Looe forever.

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Ria Wigginton 12 months ago
I just don't understand why the history of Looe and its structure of the Banjo pier is Being touched. It has been there many many years and is an iconic part of Looe, why encase it in ugly concrete?! It has been there longer than most residents here, and yet all of a sudden it needs to be changed. The last major flood in Looe was 6 years ago, so I don't think it is a prominent factor to this, I feel it is a money making regeneration scheme to turn Looe into a glorified tourist cornwall, we just want a historical fishing town with exactly that OLD HISTORIC landmarks, leave them alone. 
If you all get a chance to go to the old Gaol museum you'll see just how old the pier is, do everything else if you must, but leave the pier alone. 
Turning Looe into a concrete tourist trap and sacrificing/defacing its old historic pier is utterly disgusting. You should be ashamed to be backing such destruction of Looe. Fowey, Mevagissey, Polperro don't seem to need all of this work and yet could flood just as easily.
The problem in Looe is the old drainage system, it will still flood because it backs up with rain water in the drains on the streets and hills. 
Stop trying to impose un needed building work onto Looe, it will have the opposite effect of bringing in tourism, they'll go elsewhere because of the building works. 
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