I thought I would have to close ! How wrong Could I have been!

by Lucy Lockets Studio & Shop,

I run Lucy Locket's Studio a travelling handmade gift shop based in a caravan touring shows with my blue van and handmade gifts, well at least that was the plan for 2020!

I'd been trading for a few years and doing quite well at fairs and events, just taking along a table, the problem was if it rained! I had lost so many items due to them getting damp so that got my thinking, what if I bought a caravan converted it inside and fitted it out as a shop? I did just that and opened weekends on the farm, with plans to travel in 2020 to shows and events, sadly the virus got there 1st and I had to cancel my bookings and of course, close my caravan shop.

I thought then that is it, I will have to close the business I had spent years working on and building up, I had never sold much online as we'd struggled with slow connections and unreliable services, but that previous year we'd just got fibre to premises via Superfast Cornwall.

2020 was the year to move online!! I started to rebuild my website, my Facebook page, wake up my slumbering twitter account and started to work towards moving my gift shop online, I then decided to move all that I make onto a UK based Handmade selling platform called Heartizan, shortly after and after a lot of hours perfecting my internet presence I won 5 small business awards.

My followers started to grow and my sales boomed! I'd never been so busy from thinking about closing to thinking how on earth am I going to keep up with orders! My books were going crazy and my sales continued to soar! It was a dream come true.

For me moving online was the best thing I could have done, it saved my business! as for the travelling giftshop idea, maybe now 2021 can be its year? COVID 19 for me was life-changing but in a good way! Who'd have thought it?

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