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“To deliver high quality homes and housing services to the communities of Cornwall.”

Polruan Court - support review and outcome

As you prepare to exit Polruan Court and move on to your permanent home, please take a few minutes to complete and return this survey. 

This survey allows us to understand how our residents will manage their permanent tenancies and support needs following their stay at Polruan. 

This information will be very useful for us in our roles as it will give us even greater insight into the support needs of our residents.  

0% answered

I understood my licence agreement, rent payment process and rules of Polruan.
I have felt safe and secure during my stay.
I found it easy to access the housing support service.
I have been advised how to raise any repairs, issues or a complaint.
I have attended Midwife/Health Visitor appointments/pre-birth assessments
I have met the basic needs of myself and my family, or sought help and advice if concerned about meeting basic needs
I have been signposted and supported to access relevant services and agencies
I have engaged with the appropriate support services and agencies to address the challenges faced by myself and my family
I have been supported to maintain my accommodation
I have attended activities signposted by the Housing Support Service
I have honestly assessed my financial situation
I am tenancy ready
I have been signposted and supported to access relevant services and agencies
Housing support staff signposted me to help and support services when moving, for example Crisis & Care Award, Household Support Fund or similar
I have been treated with dignity and understanding during my stay
I have had opportunities to provide feedback on the services I have used or accessed
I am satisfied with the service I have received