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Countryside ranger

by Kenwyn20,

Our part of the Kenwyn area of Truro has recently been greatly enhanced by the development of woodland walks at Coosebean and by the cycle path, the creation of a wildlife and wildflower zone at the bottom of Bosvigo Lane, in Daubuz Moor in the town centre, and elsewhere. My wife and I recently met the man chiefly responsible: he was with his truck doing some maintenance work at what he calls John Tann Land. He was inspiring: a man totally committed to improving the environment we live in, and using his skills to help achieve that. He clearly loves his job, and puts his heart and soul into it. I searched online and found that his name is Chris Waddle (not the footballer!) and he's the Truro Countryside Ranger. I'd like to thank him for the beauty, happiness and joy he has brought to our community. I've often spoken to people as we've been out during lockdown for our daily exercise walk, and everyone has a similar response: Chris's dedication, skill and enthusiasm have made this small part of our world a better place to live in - and it's been great for local flora and fauna, too.

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