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The Emerging Vision for Newquay Town Centre

Thank you for being on this page  - we look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Trying to update a vision for a town such as Newquay is never going to be an easy job - we are so lucky to live in such a wonderful backdrop of beaches, seas and skies with outstanding views and high cliffs - a little less erosion might make the future easier to plan but nature is in control of one.

So what have people told us over the last few months:

This has led us to determine 4 priorities :

COMMUNITY - creating a town centre that serves its residents and maximises social value through enhanced provision of community assets.This means supporting new civic, community and creative uses; diversifying town centre housing options and supporting amenities and activities that will boost physical and mental wellbeing.

EXPERIENCE - improving the experience of the town centre, capitalising on Newquay's seaside identity in creating a town centre that is memorable, fun, animated and pleasant. This means taking space back from the car for people; improving the quality of the public realm and opening it up to the sea; creating space in the public realm for spill out uses, art and programmed events and gatherings.

ENTERPRISE - to ensure that Newquay builds its reputation as a year-round destination and has a town centre that grows and attracts businesses to create a more diverse employment offer. This means embracing changing tourism trends and needs; a built environment that better reflects and captures high value parts of the economy; creating new high quality and flexible workspaces, supporting emerging creative industries around music, performance, film and digital, and providing and protecting high quality visitor accommodation.

MOVEMENT - to lead the way in sustainable and active travel. This requires Newquay to re-imagine how streets function, what type of movements are welcome at different times of the day/ year, and how the railway station and bus services operate. We need to enable people to live locally; to prioritise walking, cycling and public transport over vehicular access and movement; to put placemaking and accessibility at the heart of all movement and public realm decisions; and establishing close working relationships that place all of this at the forefront of decisions and investment.

From the PRIORITIES, has come the basis of a workable street hierarchy which could unlock the town's potential in all of the other areas that it needs to improve. This is a very "first" step diagram but you can see the need for change and the need for interceptor car parks just out around the main centre of the town. The diagram is included for completeness but it is one that will be worked on and revisited many times as this project progresses.

AND so to the wording of the project VISION for 2050 that is slowly emerging and the wording of which we want you to comment on please:

In our town centre: IT'S ABOUT LIFESTYLE.

By 2050, Newquay town centre will be a place where EVERYONE can live a good life by the sea. Already a great place for visitors, now our town centre needs to work harder, to do more for our people. The town centre in 2050 will have built on our internationally-renowned surf and leisure identity and become the epicentre of a rich and distinct lifestyle linked to health, wellbeing and activity.

This means being proactive and forward looking to diversify the town centre; providing more spaces and opportunities for coming together as a community - living, working and playing.

It means creating an accessible, high quality everyday town centre that works for locals and attracts visitors all year round.

It means establishing a reputation as climate leaders.

It means creating opportunity for leisure, experience, protecting heritage, culture and community that will drive businesses and create good jobs.

We have already started to hear back from people how they would change the wording to better reflect the ambition for change - please tell us what your priorities are? what should be specific to Newquay. What is important to you and what is missing?

Thank you.

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