Woodland Nature boost at Saracen Way, Penryn

The woodland in the Glasney Valley is a very special place, much loved by the community and already representing an important habitat that supports nature whilst also being near an urban population.

Making Space for Nature has clear goals that have been central to the enhancements planned, and now underway at the site:

  • Increase urban biodiversity
  • Improve access & contact with nature
  • Engage local communities
  • Provide value for money

The project is also working towards accreditation by Building with Nature – which sets out standards supported by best-practice guidance to deliver high-quality green infrastructure, against which schemes must demonstrate net benefits for nature and a contribution to nature recovery.

To understand the existing habitat at all of our sites, we work with an ecologist embedded in the project. At Saracen Way recommendations recognised the value of the existing woodland with our plan integrating this to protect the good habitat that exists whilst enhancing habitat where it can be improved, thereby creating more space for more nature. The diverse ground cover, shrub and tree planting that is being established will add to the site’s biodiversity, habitat value, and the resilience of wider ecosystem services, such as surface water regulation and community benefit.

a. The wetland area that has been cleared of non-natives to enhance water holding capacity and planted with a diverse mix of ground covers found in Atlantic Wet Woodlands. B. Improved accessibility from Brook Place, with fly-tipping removed and the entrance planted with woodland bulbs that will bring colour and early nectar in the Spring.

Community Engagement

Additionally, investment through the project acts to safeguard the site as a public open space enhanced for wildlife into the future compared to not receiving this investment. We are very keen to engage the community and welcome the level of interest seen through our consultation and subsequent engagement.

A community planting event will be held on 16th December, installing a forest garden inspired area including fruit trees and berry bushes: Key Dates | Making Space for Nature | Let's Talk Cornwall

Further volunteer sessions will be planned in 2022 so please do get in touch if these are of interest to you.

You can find out more about this space, and other Making Space for Nature schemes at: Making Space for Nature - Cornwall Council or sign up for regular updates via spacefornature@cornwall.co.uk

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