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Spring 2022

Please find the link to our Spring newsletter here.

  • West Cornwall visitor survey: We are collecting data from visitors coming to West Cornwall (Penzance, Marazion and West Penwith). This will provide insight into visitor habits such as spending, duration of stay and methods of travel. We will be running this survey until 2023 and will share results seasonally with local businesses. Downloadable survey poster in documents.
  • Residents' Survey - Winter 2021/22: We are now running the residents' perceptions survey for the 2021/22 winter season. Its purpose is to better understand how local people feel about the social, economic, and wellbeing impacts of seasonal tourism on communities in the Penzance and surrounding areas. Follow the link here.
  • Marketing Training Materials - How to Use Email Marketing with Sara Pugh - How to create good content with Frankie Thomas: Hosted by Cornwall 365 in partnership with EXPERIENCE Project. Thank you to all those who attended our digital marketing workshops. If you were unable to join us, but want to watch the sessions, please follow the link here.
  • Designing and Marketing Low Season Tourism Experiences: Our project partner, University of Surrey, has created a manual on sustainable tourism with case studies to help out anyone interested in developing activities: Designing and Marketing Low Season Tourism Experiences.
  • Gwelen: We are delighted to announce the completion of Gwelen, an artwork for the Penzance to Marazion coast path. Artist Emma Smith worked with more than 600 members of the local community on ‘Gwelen’, which encourages visitors to imagine the ancient, submerged forest in Mount’s Bay. The artwork is made of 85 sculptures which are gathered in groups along the path, creating the impression of clusters of trees. Each sculpture, designed to support poses for resting, is based on a local tree form and the result of contributions from people living in West Penwith. To read the full press release, click here.
    The artwork is accompanied by a booklet and a series of podcasts made in collaboration with Storylines, local artists and residents. If you’d like to find out more about Gwelen or listen to the podcasts/ download the booklet, please follow the link here.
  • Cycle Friendly Equipment and Accreditation: Cycle Friendly Places (CFP) is a FREE accreditation scheme run by Cycling UK for small and medium sized businesses that provide hospitality and accommodation to cyclists.
    Benefits include free publicity, free cycling equipment, increased visibility and & support with marketing and promotions.
    If you are located within one of our Cycle Hubs in Penzance and Marazion, and Helston (, you may even be entitled to an enhanced equipment offer which includes a permanent maintenance stand.
    Start your journey towards being recognised as cycle-friendly by filling out an application form at:
    You can complete your application online, or for any specific questions please speak to Cycling UK’s EXPERIENCE team via for any questions about applying.

Winter 2021

Please find the link to our Winter newsletter here.

  • How to Use Email Marketing with Sara Pugh Workshop: Thursday 13th January 10am – 1pm
    The Godolphin, West End, Marazion -
    Hosted by Cornwall 365 in partnership with EXPERIENCE Project. This free morning session is tailored for businesses operating in Penzance and surrounding areas. During this workshop we will explain how email marketing can form a critical part of your marketing output as part of a proactive marketing plan to increase sales & how to make the most of the technology available to improve the efficiency of your processes. To book a space, follow the link here.
  • Penzance-Marazion coastal path: The majority of works on the coastal path are now complete and it is a pleasure to see cyclists and walkers enjoying the new upgraded route. The art trail Gwelen is under construction and due to be completed in January. Gwelen is a site-specific artwork for Mounts’ Bay by artist Emma Smith and residents of West Penwith. The work consists of 85 sculptures installed along the coastal path. Over 600 local residents have contributed ideas towards the creation of the sculptures – they were invited to share how they would like to sit or stand whilst imagining the forest along the coastal path. The artworks have been tailor made specifically to their ideas and measurements. In addition, the sculptures draw inspiration from local tree forms found in the surrounding landscape. The artwork is accompanied by a series of podcasts made in collaboration with Storylines and local residents. They feature interviews and stories that explore the rich significance of the bay. You can hear interviews on folklore, marine history, geology, and art and stories of living and working with the sea and land. If you’d like to find out more about the Gwelen trail or listen to the podcasts, please follow the link here.

Autumn 2021

Please find the link to our Autumn newsletter here.

  • Residents Survey: EXPERIENCE is inviting residents in the Marazion, Penzance and surrounding areas to complete our 2nd wave residents survey. To take part in the survey, please follow the link here.
  • Residents survey report: results from our 1st wave of residents survey can be accessed here.
  • How to Create Good Content with Frankie Thomas Workshop: Friday 5th November: 2-5pm, The Studio, Newlyn Art Gallery - Hosted by Cornwall 365 in partnership with EXPERIENCE Project. This free afternoon session is tailored for businesses operating in Penzance and surrounding areas. During this workshop we will discuss the best platforms to help market your tourism business and how to create engaging content that will attract the right audience. To book a space, follow the link here.
  • EXPERIENCE Marketing Plan: We have been working on the upcoming low season marketing campaign by developing a marketing plan. This plan looks at marketing the low season assets and has been developed in partnership with Visit Cornwall.
  • EXPERIENCE Project News: In September, the EXPERIENCE Project welcomed a new member to the team - Celine Holman. She has taken over from Rosa Pedley to manage the project during her maternity leave. Celine will be bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and we hope you will join us in welcoming her to the position with open arms.

June 2021

Please find the link to our June newsletter here.

  • Tap into Cycling Tourism: If you weren't able to attend the training session, you can find the recorded session below. It includes useful opportunities and benefits of tapping into the cycling market, how to apply to the free Cycling Friendly Places Accreditation Scheme, as well as upcoming cycle routes and itineraries plans. Please watch the session here.
  • Free Two Hour Experiential Marketing Session: Our project partner University of Surrey is conducting an academic survey on readiness of businesses to offer experiences. It will take around ten minutes to complete and in return, you will receive a two hour training session on experiential marketing. Please take part here.
  • Coast Path Update: The upgrade to the Penzance - Marazion coast path is continuing to progress. Works are continuing along by the wooden bridge area to Long Rock and in the next 2-3 weeks the ramp access to the beach will be closed between Long Rock and Marazion. Find out more below.
  • EXPERIENCE Project Newsletter: The wider EXPERIENCE project (14 partners in total) are working to deliver experiential offers around the channel. We have created a newsletter to give insight into what is taking place across the project. Please find our first joint newsletter with links to our official website.
  • Training Feedback Survey: If you've recently attended one of our training sessions, we're interested in hearing your feedback. Please complete the short survey.
  • Krowji Fundraiser: Creative Kernow has launched the Krowji Emergency Campaign to provide emergency support for its creative community following the devastating fire. If you're able to provide any support during this time, please follow the campaign below.

Please find the link to our June Workshop newsletter here.

  • In Conversation: The Submerged Forest - New Artwork- Thursday 17th June, 11.30- 12.30pm. An in conversation between artist Emma Smith and James Green, Director of Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange, discussing The Submerged Forest - the new artwork for Mount's Bay coast path. Please find a link to the event here.
  • Tap into cycling tourism - Wednesday 23rd June, 9.30 - 11.00 am. In this session, you will hear from experts at the EXPERIENCE project (from the team at Cycling UK and Cornwall Council) to learn about the opportunities that welcoming cyclists bring and what are the practical steps to incorporate cycling into your business offer. Sign up here.
  • Made to Measure Call out - Please respond by 18th June 2021- Residents of West Penwith are invited to be part of a new artwork for Mount’s Bay to imagine the submerged forest that sits beneath the sea. A series of seeing sticks are being created for the Penzance-Marazion coast path, where you can rest and imagine the forest. The artist is inviting local residents to send their individual measurements, which will be used to inform the size of the seeing sticks – ensuring they are tailor made to the local community. Take part here.

May 2021

Please find the link to our May newsletter here.

  • Options analysis report - we have created an options analysis report, highlighting key experiential tourism opportunities for the Penzance and surrounding area. Outlining how your business can capitalise on this growing trend. We hope you find this resource helpful.
  • Themed Itineraries - based on the options analysis report, we are developing 5x themed itineraries in year one: Creative and culture - the great outdoors - the shoreline - sustainable food - sustainability and our planet. We are looking for ideas and experiences to feature in these itineraries. If you have an experience already available, adaptable or potential ideas that fit, please contact us. Email and set up a 1-2-1 meeting.
  • Arts trail commission announced: The ancient submerged forest of Mount’s Bay will emerge
    Mount’s Bay is home to a submerged ancient forest, an enchanting phenomenon that is rarely seen, but occasionally uncovered at very low tides. We're delighted to announce that in Autumn 2021, the forest will emerge with a reimagined arts commission by award-winning artist Emma Smith. Funded by the EXPERIENCE project, it will provide the opportunity to reflect on the bay, and its geological and ecological importance. For more details, please read our press release here.
  • Experience development workshop - if you missed out on attending one of our experience workshops by Unmissable England last month, watch it back here.
  • Training survey - we're interested in hearing your thoughts on our recent workshops. Please complete this short survey to give us feedback.
  • Cycling tourism - Our project partner, Cycling UK recently unveiled the West Kernow Way cycling route. Along with running a Cycling Friendly Places scheme for businesses in the the Penzance pilot area, as part of the EXPERIENCE project. Open to businesses in the pilot area, we urged you to apply. More information here.
  • Save the date - Wednesday 23rd June - we will be hosting a training session with Cycling UK on cycle tourism and the above initiatives. If you are interested to get involved and find out more, please save the above date.

April 2021

Please find the link to our April newsletter here.

  • Business skills survey results - We have reviewed the results and compiled a report. From the findings, there is a lot of interest and intention around extending the season during October-March. With an interest in increasing/shifting the target audience. Businesses were very interested in sustainable, marketing and cycle tourism. This has helped determine the proposed training schedule. Please find the results here.
  • Get involved with the project. Find out more here.
  • Business Training: Recovery, Resilience and Adaptability session in partnership with Cornwall 365. You can watch the full session here.
  • Due to some technical difficulties, Manda Brookman was unable to present. We recommend skipping from 40.30 mins to 59 mins. But you can see her presentation here.

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