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  • Sea Lock Movements Update

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    Saturday 30th April saw the first successful lock out of the season with local boat “Chug Chug” and yachts “Tina Maria” and “Mistral” leaving Bude destined for Plymouth and Mylor harbours respectively.

    The middle of May saw exceptionally large swells large enough to top the inner gates resulting in the metal storm bars having to be re-instated. This inevitably deposited a large amount of sand into the lock chamber preventing the outer gates from being closed again. With normal sluicing methods unsuccessful, we had to resort to dive contractors clearing the sand manually with high power hydrant pumps to get operational again.

    The 4th July saw our second lock movement locking in visiting yacht “Judo” a traditional Cornish Shrimper, and locking out local fishing boat “Mantis”. After a short stay, “Judo” locked out again on the following Wednesday returning to Padstow.

    These, sadly due to our exceptionally hot summer and drought conditions, were the only lock operations of the year.

    With water levels dropping to a record low, due to the national drought conditions, yet again the lock chamber has sanded up rendering the lock unusable. This has resulted in the necessary decision to fit the storm chains etc early, to prevent damage, shutting the lock down for the year. Because of this, the next Lock movement is expected May 2023.

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