Why are trees important?

    Trees provide lots of benefits, including:

    • Trees absorb CO2, remove and store carbon, and release oxygen back into the air 
    • Trees shield us from ultra-violet rays and can reduce exposure by 50%
    • Trees reduce traffic noise, muffle nuisance sounds and mask unsightly buildings
    • Trees provide food, homes and shelter for birds, mammals and insects
    • Trees shade our buildings and streets and release water vapours into the air
    • Trees filter pollutants out of the air by trapping them on their leaves and bark
    • Tree rich neighbourhoods have a lower incidence of violence
    • Trees provide timber, fuel, renewable energy, fruit and landscaping business opportunities
    • Trees reduce surface water run-off by breaking rainfall and hold soil in place
    • Views of trees help patients recuperate faster and improve mental health
    • Shoppers spend 9-12% more in areas with high quality tree cover
    • Trees intercept rainfall, slow surface water runoff, take up and store water
    • Trees can help remediate the soil when planted on contaminated ground