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Flooding on Eastcliffe Road

I have been living on Eastcliffe Road for just over three years, and in that time my property has flooded at least half a dozen times. Luckily this has never directly affected the house, but it has affected my access and garden and drainage.

The flood risk is highest at times when intense rainfall coincides with high tide, and is exacerbated by sewage surcharge - or at least was until SWW replaced the old drain infrastructure a year ago.

The work to clear the drains on the one-way system has had a noticeable impact on reducing flooding along the road and in our property, and risk is significantly reduced - in fact the road hasn't flooded that I can remember since, even though our garden has.

Mostly what we do is hope it doesn't yet breach our front door, and wait for the rain to stop and the tide to drop!

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