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Cornwall’s strength

by Moira,

Our experience has surprised us. My partner retired on the 2nd January and underwent the removal of his prostate cancer on the 6th. He’s been recovering ever since with a few knock backs along the way. I work in retail food so was designated an essential worker. I shielded him by stripping off my uniform when I entered the house and kept it away from him until my next shift. Fortunately we have not had COVID-19. What I want to share is the extra mile so many people were prepared to go. I’ve served neighbour shopping for 3 or 4 others to ensure they had enough to eat. Not family members but the people next door. I’ve seen families talking to each other and had the time to converse with my customers. I’d like to see that continue. Cornish people have time. We care and give more than those I’ve met in other cities.
Looking back over the last four months I’ve seen how the community has taken on the challenges and risen to exceed the need. We should be proud. Every one of us.

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